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Tony Pipes

ITV / Writer
Executive Creative Director

Tony started his Creative career in the music industry, being signed to Manchester’s infamous Factory Records with his Band the Space Monkeys in the 1990’s.  After this, he has pursued a career in Broadcast Marketing, creating and overseeing multi award winning advertising campaigns and branding for the BBC, UKTV, Britbox and ITV- everything from Doctor Who to Downton Abbey. He is currently Executive Creative Director of ITV’s renowned award winning in-house advertising agency ITV Creative.

Just because we do what everyone else does, It doesn’t mean that we have to do what everyone else does.

By Tony Pipes
Executive Creative Director at ITV / Writer

In lockdown and even post pandemic, it’s been hard enough getting work out of the door, never mind getting great work out the door.

Promos, idents, stings, trailers, social – we all do the same thing, and it’s been easy, especially after the last few years, to just keep doing the same thing, dial it in, go home and thank our lucky stars we’ve made it through another day.

But where’s the fun in that?

And we could all use a bit of fun, right?

Using stories, tall tales and case studies that weave through art history, Muhammed Ali, advertising and of course TV, and drawing from his own experience as a musician, graphic designer, writer and creative director, ITV Creative’s ECD, Tony Pipes will show how doing things differently can not only entertain your audiences, but also entertain you.

It’s time to remember we have the best job in the world.

Show us your ID. How ITV Creative rebranded their channel every week for a year.

By Tony Pipes
Executive Creative Director at ITV / Writer

Station ID’s are iconic, but they can also be boring. Moving wallpaper that can stay on screen longer than most careers. When ITV. Creative got the chance to rebrand their station ID’s they decided was time to do something different and instead of one set of films that lasted a lifetime, they made a different set of films that lasted a week- every week for a year.

The team handed over their identity to some of the most prominent UK artists, and that artist created a logo in their own style to be showcased on the channel. It was mad on paper and mad on practice, but it was a journey that took them on a shoot a week, led the work into art galleries, got on the news, created an artist community, and even helped kids through lockdown

Tony Pipes, ECD of ITV Creative lets you into the mayhem and magic of getting art into peoples living rooms on a weekly basis, with the award winning ITV Creates project.