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Carla Bekker

Creative Channel Head

Carla. Geek. Gamer. Content Creator.

Currently a Creative Channel Head at Birthmark Agency in Africa she has been in the industry over 14 years. Starting at a small creative agency, then becoming the creative head for Comedy Central Africa and, then overseeing all Paramount brands on the African continent, before recently making the leap back into agency life.

With over 100 Promax, and other industry awards under her belt she certainly should know what she’s talking about (we hope, fingers crossed).

She’s done everything from Barbie movie marathons, to launching the first contemporary music show aimed at children across Africa, to heading 3 Comedy Central Roast creatives. But mostly she’s made A LOT of dick jokes with the yearly PSA campaign Novemballs (Google it, it’s real lol).

The 7 P’s Of Promo Copywriting

Let’s get back to basics.

The famous saying goes, you can’t polish a turd. So it’s important to get the foundation of your promos as tip-top as can possibly be with an amazing script.

In this session we aim to go through fundamentals of promo copywriting, leaving you with 7 easy to note down filters that you can start applying to your work TODAY.

A fun engaging session (with LOTS of examples) for both newcomers in the industry as well as a great refresher for the more seasoned types.

Hope to see you there!