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Topic: World Gold (Warning: contains traces of absolute genius)


Your 60-minute romp through the inspiring, sublime, sometimes bat-shit creative offerings from across the globe. Be wowed, be stirred, be spitting feathers that you didn’t think of that absolute game-changing idea.

Who knows, after this little lot, maybe you will…


Lisa Frederickson
Creative Director/Writer

Lisa is a Creative Director/Writer who has headed up teams both in the UK and Australia – where she led Promax ANZ’s ‘Creative Team of the Year 2019’ at Foxtel. She has also worked at Discovery Channel, Comedy Channel and Channel 9. She was named Australia’s ‘Creative of the Year’ at the Astra awards, has picked up over 50 Promax awards, Clio awards, Kinsale Sharks and a Cannes Lion. She is currently taking time out to write her first novel. Slowly.

She loves courageous creative – she who dares, wins! She also loves to play the ukulele and drink tea. Never at the same time.

Time: Tuesday, 20th October 2020, 2:00PM (AEST) / 4:00PM (NZST)


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Topic: Taking the leap from VFX to Directing and Producing Feature Films and TV


In this Keynote I take you all into a visual, raw, deep dive journey on how I took the leap from a VFX career to film / TV directing and producing, and how just when I thought I had made it, Covid-19 hit and how I had to think outside the box to get where I am today with directing and producing animated series and feature film.


Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull
Producer/ Director


Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull came from a VFX background before being known as a Director for his breakout sci-fi indie feature film – THE BEYOND, which was released by Gravitas Ventures, and premiered at #2 on the iTunes charts before trending on Netflix and fully recouping its budget quickly and becoming a profitable feature film.  His second feature film 2036: ORIGIN UNKNOWN, which starred Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Another Life) earned a limited theatrical release in the US before landing on Netflix.

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Time: Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 4:00PM (AEST) / 7:00PM (NZST)




Topic: Look back to move forward: creative strategies from class ads from the eighties and nineties


Every week Creative Director Andrew Williams analyses classic ads from the eighties and nineties in his Throwback Thursday video posts. In this session, he collects some of the key insights, hacks, and creative strategies gleaned from the best of those classic commercials and campaigns. What is the WTF strategy? What connects a PlayStation ad with Eminem’s movie Eight Mile? Join us in this session to find out.


Andrew Williams
Creative Director/ Founder
Vámonos Productions

Andrew is an award-winning Creative Director and Producer with a career that combines promotions, branding, and original series production. He is the founder of Vámonos, a creative agency and content studio based in the UK.

Andrew has won numerous awards throughout his career, including multiple Promax Awards, and two BAFTAs for Best Animated Series (Disney’s Brushhead) and viewers choice (Disney Channel Kids Award).


Time: Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 3:00PM (AEST) / 5:00PM (NZST)



Topic: How to get the best performance from your Voice Over Artist with Brent Allen Hagel


Award winning V/O guru Brent A. Hagel  will be covering  direction styles, trigger words, and working the microphone per genre of promo.

Brent will be joined by two leading V/O Artists from your region for some live direction – Watch this space for updates.


Time: Wednesday, 2nd September 2020, 10:00AM (AEST) / 12:00PM (NZST)



Topic: How to be Brave

Description: Will you risk coming to hear Eoin talk about taking creative risks? Sounds risky.


Eoin McLaughlin
Creative Director, Channel 4 / 4Creative
I work at 4creative, where I’m responsible for managing the creative department. 4creative is one of the best in-house agencies in the world, having won four D&AD black pencils, a BAFTA and stuff like that. We write and produce provocative and innovative work across all Channel 4 brands and services. It’s a pretty fun job.

Time: Wednesday, 19th August 2020, 3:00PM (AEST) / 5:00PM (NZST) 


Topic: The Future of TV Branding


Four years on from a provocative call to the industry to change up their channel branding and marketing to reflect a modern media world, Charlie Mawer returns with a new rallying cry for TV branding – and TV brands – in an online TV universe.

The session will cover broadcast brands and what they need to do to keep relevant in a streaming-first future, as well as look to the OTT heavy-hitters to see what they are failing to learn despite 50 years of lessons in entertainment navigation. If you’re interested in finding out about best practice branding for 2020 and beyond, this session is for you.


Charlie Mawer
Executive Creative Director
Red Bee
Charlie has overall creative responsibility at Red Bee. He has over 20 years of experience leading complex network rebrands and creative campaigns for clients all across the world, including NBCUniversal, Dreamworks, France Télévisions, RTE, Hallmark, Netflix, and Discovery Networks.

Time: 5th August, 2020, 3:00PM (AEST) / 5:00PM (NZST)



Topic: Staying Relevant in 2020

Description: At a time when innovation is brimming, ‘keeping up’ can seem impossible. Join Nickelodeon Australia’s Cat Zaharias for a candid look at ‘new age’ brand building and discover why staying relevant isn’t as complicated as it seems. In this jargon-free session, learn the value of brands and how they drive long term business success and discover why creatives are so important when it comes to brand growth.


Catherine Zaharias
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
Nickelodeon Australia & NZ
Catherine Zaharias is head of marketing for Nickelodeon Australia and has more than 10 years’ experience crafting integrated strategies to grow some of the biggest entertainment brands in the world. Catherine has delivered award winning brand and content campaigns and her work has been rolled out across the globe.

Time: 22nd July, 2020, 10:00AM (AEST) / 12:00PM (NZST)


Topic: Marketing in the Age of Covid

Description: In this unprecedented time of global pandemic how do you sell without seeming insensitive? Join The Brief Doctor’s Tim Hughes for a short journey of empathetic communications. Learn how a softer approach to messaging can reap rewards, and how starting a conversation with your audience can build fans and advocates.

UPDATE: Bring a pen and a piece of paper (#oldskool) as we’re going to workshop *your* audience live – Also with New Zealand out of lockdown and Australia not far behind a great time to take-stock and think about the year ahead – come with questions too! 🇳🇿 🇦🇺


Tim Hughes
Founder, The Brief Doctor
Tim Hughes a global expert in creative brand strategy and founder of The Brief Doctor. His background is in TV promotions, branding and marketing. He is a lifetime achievement award–winner, and former chair of Promax UK.

Time: 11th June, 2020, 3:00PM (AEST) / 5:00PM (NZST)