Unleashing the Power of AI in Content Marketing:
The Intersection of Technology, Creativity and Storytelling.

Technology, creativity and storytelling are converging in an unprecedented way, bringing forth both excitement and a touch of apprehension.The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on creative media, content marketing and storytelling is profound, transforming every aspect of the industry — from media planning to campaign personalisation and beyond.

It is reshaping how businesses operate, how creativity is valued and how we approach our work. But don't just take our word for it. Join us for a panel discussion featuring industry trailblazers who have embraced AI and have mastered it’s potential in content creation.

Together, they will share insights, experiences and thought-provoking ideas on how to effectively utilise AI and elevate your content marketing campaigns to new heights.

Promax Chair | Kellie Brown

Hilary Campilan is a senior creative working at ABC. She has been in the TV industry for 20 years. Originally working in motion design, then moving into directing and editing at the ABC’s internal creative agency, ABC Made.

Previously, she was the head of design at MTV Australia. She has also worked at MTV UK, directing international branding projects.

Her recent passion is collaborating with dancers or musicians, to make music videos using AI as part of the creative process. In the past she loved making 2D and 3D animations for music festivals like the Big Day Out and the MTV Awards.

She spends far too many evenings experimenting with AI animation tools such as Warpfusion, Runway, Kaiber, Deforum, EBSynth and Midjourney. All of which can be seen on her @bunty_ai Instagram page.

In 2023, she was a speaker at Melbourne design week, the European Broadcasting Union and ABC ArtWorks.

One of her favourite career moments was winning multiple Promax bling in New York and having the Idents displayed in Times Square. When directing content at the ABC, she loves to challenge herself by working with children, animals and TV talent.
Promax Chair | Kellie Brown

As a creative leader, Emile Rademeyer is Executive Director, Creative Strategy at VANDAL in Sydney, Australia. Awarded as one of the top production companies in Australasia, VANDAL is a media-independent creative studio with a passion to bridge the gap between art, advertising, digital media, content and culture.

Emile is a frequent international keynote speaker, contributor and jury member at creative events around the globe incl. Cannes Festival of Creativity, Spikes Asia, Ciclope, SHOTS, ADFEST, Snapchat SnapFest, and Promax Australia, New Zealand, India and Africa.

With a focus on creating innovative digital placemaking, new media, moving image, sound, art, immersive and augmented reality campaigns and experiences, Emile's work includes creative and strategic executions for entertainment platforms, commercial and retail precincts, interactive environments, augmented reality and niche art, design and experiential projects.

Emile oversees the curation of the VANDAL Art Gallery in Sydney, recently named one of the best art galleries in Sydney. For the City of Sydney, he has been nominated as Digital Placemaking Expert Partner. Highly motivated with excellent communication skills, Emile’s recognised talent earns international respect and he’s regarded as one of Australia’s most prolific creative, new media trailblazers & keynote speakers.
Promax Chair | Kellie Brown
Ryan Bodger has worked at the forefront of digital content innovation and creative production for over 20 years and worked at numerous global organisations as a creative lead. As Chief Creative Officer at Now We Collide, Ryan’s passion for technology and creative thinking spurs his desire to deliver new and innovative ways for brands to realise their full potential. Now with the emergence of intelligent machines Ryan sees an opportunity to push the boundaries to see what is possible, - testing, learning and embracing generative AI with cautious optimism.
Promax Chair | Kellie Brown

With over 12 years of experience in social and digital media, Kellie has been a driving force in creative content production both locally and abroad. For six remarkable years, she led the charge as Foxtel's Head of Digital Content Production, spearheading ground-breaking initiatives across the platform.

Kellie helped drive digital storytelling and creative content production across the Foxtel platform with the Australian market witnessing the spectacular launches of globally renowned TV shows. Not stopping there, with the support of her dynamic team also produced captivating bespoke content for Foxtel's acclaimed local productions, earning a multitude of industry awards, including prestigious Gold Promax Awards and even a coveted Cannes Lion for Emerging Digital Innovation.

Kellie's expertise and magnetic presence have made her a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator worldwide. Her captivating talks and workshops on Digital and Social Storytelling, Content Creation, and Content Marketing Strategy inspire audiences, leaving them both energised and motivated.

With a personal brand that exudes glitter and boundless energy, Kellie is undeniably #EXTRA in every sense of the word. You'll hear her infectious spirit before you even lay eyes on her, but it is her innate storytelling ability that sets her apart, forging deep connections between audiences and content in a profoundly meaningful way.


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