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Kristen Toovey

Writer / Editor / Producer


Kristen has worked in TV and film for 20 years on both sides of the camera.

With a start in editing TVCs and film trailers in London, she made the switch to telly – promos and then long form, writing, directing, producing and editing various kids shows. Kristen is also a frustrated drama  school reject and writes herself a cameo role whenever she can.

She writes feature articles for various online publications on the subjects of parenting, relationships and sex, and will share some with you if you have a strong stomach. Articles. Not sex.

Session: You’re A Complete Reject. Deal With It. 

Creative rejection. We all face it. But how do you get over it and strike the perfect balance between caring enough to make it brilliant, yet not being so attached that any feedback makes you bite off your new manicure and spit strips of polish all over your screen?

Director, Writer, Producer, Editor and Queen Of Creative Rejection, Kristen Toovey, will lead a panel of creatives as they open their hearts and share their shame. From their majestic fuckups, failures and complete catastrophes, you will gain ten times the wisdom than you would from their successes.

But most importantly you will learn which battles are the ones worth fighting for. Because as creatives it’s not just about creating. It’s knowing when to kill your darlings and stab your ego. So that you can get back on that horse.

And then ride off into a rainbow sunset blasting Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’ whilst your clients cheer and dab their eyes in sheer wonder.