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Joe Lynch

Strategic Thinker, People Whisperer & Agile Researcher


Joe has had the luxury of working all over the world on some of the most iconic brands, at global agencies and small boutiques, to collectives and strategic partnerships, but now he’s settled back in Sydney and is doing his own thing – still working with some of the big brands, but mostly spends his time collaborating with start-up businesses and non-profits to help make the world a better place, one research project at a time!  More recently he’s been involved in a diverse number of projects including innovation, the future of work, communications, covering every possible trend impacting people, businesses and brands.

He’s been called the people whisperer many times before as there is arguably not really many consumer-type’s left that he’s not either chatted to, observed, filmed, recorded, analysed, visited, eaten with ….. you name it; all in the spirit of discovering real human stories.

He’s no stranger to the stage and has spoken at industry and client-led events on a variety of topics including brands, kids, media, the home and even robots.  Recognised for his passion and creativity, he likes to shake things up and think differently, utilising innovative and agile research design, with a mission to deliver fresh and actionable insights.


Session: The Seven Deadly Sins of Insights

There’s no denying that we are living in unprecedented times where the pace of change is so rapid it has become a task in itself just trying to keep up. At the same time, never before has it been so important to have a close bond, even obsessive fanaticism with your customer, viewer, audience, your tribe. Yet despite all of this, it is unfathomable to think that many organisations still fail to utilise the skills, talent, creativity, knowledge and power that lies within great insight teams.

Join us for an entertaining journey through the perilous corridors that house the ‘Seven [most] Deadly Sins of Insights’. You’ll hear first hand how the insights industry is evolving to keep up with these rapid developments; how leading organisations are using best practice capabilities to stay connected to their tribes as well as countless examples within the creative industries  of brands that have been absolved of all 7 sins.