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Guy Sawrey-Cookson

Group Creative Director
Fox Sports Australia


Guy Sawrey-Cookson is Group Creative Director of Fox Sports Australia. He leads a multi award winning team of Viz RT artists, designers, producers and set designers, together with his creative partner Mat.

Lately Guy has helped create bogus theme rounds, had a hilarious sport mockumentary slayed by Twitter, launched the biggest channel on subscription TV (twice) and – most challenging of all – attempted to get sports stars to sing, dance, act and talk. He’s passionate about sport, storytelling, and the distilleries of Islay.

Fox Sports produce more live TV than anyone else in Australia. The knack to this gig is knowing when to get out of the way of the content and when to step in and shake it up, while staying true to the most passionate, loyal, discerning and engaged sports fans in the world: Australians.

Session: 1 Movie, 5 Disruptions

In this sequel to 1 Movie, 5 Promos, we step beyond the traditional 30” spot. With “disruption” touted to be the new normal, this year’s challenge will push 5 creative teams to find and use new formats and platforms in the pursuit of eyeballs for Hollywood’s biggest disruptor, Black Panther.

With limited budgets, rapidly growing viewing alternatives and more elusive audiences, how do we get our voice heard above the cacophony of “pick me’s”? Or more fittingly, where do we boldly go that no one else dares?

The rules: innovate, explore, take risks and be the creatives you’ve always wanted to be.