James Dive

Artist / Director

James Dive is an internationally celebrated installation artist, director and co-founder of Scoundrel Projects, a studio dedicated to bringing bold, unconventional ideas to life.

Dive has built a unique reputation as someone who wilfully and successfully flirts the line between art and commerce.

Dive’s multi-disciplinary approach to creativity has seen his work appear everywhere from contemporary art shows in Miami to billboards in Iraq.

Dive’s creative practice has been the subject of critical acclaim throughout his career including a Grand Prix at Cannes, three Cannes Gold Lions, and the recipient of the Major Art Award by Jens Erik Sørensen, the Director of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark.

Dive was quoted as ‘the highlight of Miami Basel’ by the Guardian and in 2014 Dive was chosen for the cover of Wild Art, a Phaidon publication celebrating artists who challenge the perimeters of the established art world.

His work includes the iconic melted ice cream van, Hot With the Chance of a Late Storm, and the infamous raining house, I Wish You Hadn’t Asked, which attracted (and soaked) huge crowds in both Sydney and Denmark.

James Dive has built a strong reputation for his ability to take on and deliver commercial artistic commissions using his skills as a film director and artist, including the award winning ANZ Gaytms and the acclaimed Tiger Beer Trading Co. in New York.

He works as an artist and director from the Scoundrel Studio in Chippendale, Sydney.


The Art of Interruption

James likes creativity that gets in the way. And if it makes you miss your bus that’s even better.

In his keynote, artist and director James Dive will share the interruptive ethos behind his multi-disciplinary creative practice that has seen his work appear everywhere from contemporary art shows in Miami to billboards in Iraq. Join James as he draws on his experience to talk art and commerce, embracing the difficult, and the pursuit of an evermore distracted audience.


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