Carly Heaton

Foxtel Networks Australia
Drama Executive at FOXTEL

Carly worked as a Creative Director alongside a bunch of delightful misfits for six years, creating some of the most awarded work in the country and having a damn fine and fun time doing it, the teams maxim was to just be better everyday. Two years ago she made the leap from Creative Director to TV drama production.

She now gets to work developing and producing Australia’s most outstanding dramas with some of the best creative in the country. She believes the key to great work is to create a great team with great lasting bonds.. She has spoken at Do Lectures and Creative Mornings Sydney offering a blueprint for integrating work and play to create great memories.


A Roadmap - How To Create A Fun Work Environment That Fuels Success

We often want to make our work environment better but how exactly do you go about it? Where do you start? And how do you convince your boss that it will actually have an impact on your team’s performance?

Over a 4 year period Carly and her colleagues transformed their world into a fun, energised and creative hub - resulting in a slew of awards, minimal staff turnover, super high engagement rates and brutal nerf gun battles. Join Carly as she shares how they did it and how you can to.


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