Bex Schwartz

Cause + Effect
Executive Creative Director

Bex is an award-winning omnichannel Executive Creative Director and Writer/Director. She started her television career at VH1 and quickly worked up to Director of the On-Air Promos department. In 2005, she was part of the team hand-picked to launch Logo TV. Bex served as the in-house creative for MTV Games' on air work, directing and creating all of the cross-Viacom content for multiple Rock Band campaigns. Bex was a multiplatform Creative Director at Nickelodeon before jumping to the vendor side. She's currently an ECD, directing and creating content for clients like SYFY, Nickelodeon, First Look Media, TruTV, Investigation: Discovery, Freeform, and Lifetime. In case you can't tell, she comes from the theater/comedy world. Woo. @starbex on the twitter and the insta.


Session One: Giving 'Em Something They Can Feel (Connecting With Your Audience)

Viewers are glued to a screen—but it's not necessarily the television. If you have trouble figuring out the difference between a promo, a tweet, and a snap, then let social media guru Bex Schwartz guide the way. Find out how to talk to your audience while they're busy doing other things. Why should you be stoked when your audience remixes your shit? What's the best voice to use on each platform? What's the best strategy to connect with your viewers? Get tips, techniques, and best practices for using social media to amplify your voice and tickle your audience's fancy.

Session Two: Be A Memory Maker

Who are you when you're not at work? How does that impact your creative? What elements of IRL-you ought you to merge with the office-you? Let's talk about going beyond the brief and bring the most of you into your creative. With anecdotes, examples, and an exploration into how the best creative comes from bringing your authentic self into your work. (And why work can be fun when we feel this way!)


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