Angus Kingsmill

Breakfast Epiphanies

Angus Kingsmill is a successful CEO, Managing Director, entrepreneur, and currently business owner, investor, consultant, board director and advisor. Kingsmill is both a brand creator and re inventor. He has an impressive background in running both small and medium sized businesses, recently culminating in the successful re invigoration and sale of the iconic surf wear brand, Mambo.

In 2016, Angus established an investment company, "Really Quite Good Investments" and consulting company, "Breakfast Epiphanies".

Really Quite Good Investments owns 50% of Sydney Digital Marketing, and smaller shares of NYC based digital media publisher, "Convicts", and revolutionary health and wellness online platform, "InnerOrigin".

Breakfast Epiphanies consults back to all the above plus global super brands, including Marvel and Pixar. He sits on several boards and Advisory boards, focusing on Start Ups. Kingsmill is also co founder of the Entrepreneurs Club of Australia.

Kingsmill partners with quality people and develops passionate team cultures and delivers success with out of the box and complementary thinking.


Reigniting the Dog's Fart and Exploding Start Ups

In his keynote Angus Kingsmill takes us through the Rise, Fall and re igniting of Mambo, and explores his learnings in re-creating an iconic brand.

Moving through art, marketing, brand culture and collaborations, Angus will share how this irreverent brand managed to stand apart from the pack, and how he is applying his learnings to the start-up digital creative businesses he has invested in - Sydney Digital Marketing, Convicts NYC and Inner Origin. Be passionate, authentic and for f***'s sake, stand apart and be memorable!


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